The iconic SEGA game Sonic the Hedgehog. Great game to play with your family and remember the older days of gaming. Bring it out anytime and you and your friends will have guaranteed fun.


SEGA is one of the first gaming consoles that was extremely popular. One of the games that made this console so iconic is the game Sonic the Hedgehog. This game was everyone’s favorite game at the time, every kid had it. Nowadays this game is still popular with some newer versions.

There is a lot of things that we can talk about when it comes to the gameplay of Sonic the Hedgehog game. However, the few things that we have to mention are the things that made this game so special, unique and desirable. All the other things like the difficulty of some levels mad the gameplay more fun. You had to be a very good player to complete some levels. Mostly because of the speed of Sonic, you had to be ready to jump anytime to avoid some falls.

The Progress of Sonic the Hedgehog Game

SEGA Systems

SEGA Systems were the first console types that supported the Sonic the Hedgehog game. The first version of the game came out in 1991 and it was exclusively for SEGA devices. That first version was the most popular one with more than 15 million total sales and making SEGA very desirable.


PlayStation Console was a very different console type from the SEGA systems, it was far more advanced and the graphic options provided, even more, entertainment for the users. Sonic the Hedgehog game first appeared on PS2 in 2003 with the name Sonic Heroes which was an updated version of the original Sonic.


Nintendo Console came into play a little later in 2007 when the entire gaming industry is completely changed from the SEGA age. Sonic also became popular with the Nintendo console when it first came out with a sub-series along with the Mario game. In two years, they made over 11 million sales of the game.

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Fortnite and Free V-Bucks: Flood of fraudulent videos and sites
With Fortnite's success, fraud is also booming. On the net, videos, for example on YouTube, and websites with the promise of free V-Bucks, Fortnite's in-game currency, are almost a riot. Epic has now issued a warning.   The success story of Fortnite has, and unfortunately not surprising, also called many fraudsters on the plan. Meanwhile, there is a veritable flood of videos and websites that are going to catch players with the prospect of free V-Bucks. On YouTube alone, there are supposed to be countless videos that have only one goal: to lure the player to relevant websites. Once there, they are supposed to download an app or leave their account data - then they are supposed to be transferred to them as if by magic V-Buck.  

Epic answers the call

Now the developer Epic has officially warned against such scams. On Twitter, they wrote: "Beware of scam sites that offer you free or discounted V-Bucks. The only official websites for Fortnite are and"   In the same Twitter posting, Epic refers to an account security FAQ. In it, the developers go into detail on fraud sites. "We've seen these pages on the web, just like you," it says, among other things. "Click here, type in your username, possibly answer one or two questions from a survey and get as many free V-Bucks as you want. These pages aren't real." According to Epic, anyone who has already used such sites to maximize V-Bucks should change their password immediately. Developers also recommend that players sign up for multi-factor authentication via their email address to improve account security.   It wasn't until early May that Epic warned of fake beta invitations in connection with the Android version of Fortnite. The invitations seemed surprisingly real, so that even youtuber and editors occasionally fell for the trick.  

Epic is not alone

A lot of websites that cover the topic of Fortnite also try to help Epic by spreading awareness about the scam problem that they face at the time. Some webistesgo even so far, to make prevention programs around the V-Bucks so that the young audience can learn about the issue and at the same time win free V-Bucks without surveys or something like that. Not only website owners, editors and authors help Epic, but also YouTubers spread the awareness.

What will come next?

We all know that Fortnite has reached its peak with over 125 million users. So the question in the room is - what will come next? Will Epic be able to produce another hit wonder or which game-dev studio will get the next big game out there? Stay tuned for more updates.
Why Install Employee PC Time Clock Software

Does your company have employees who don’t turn up every day?

Do you have many employees working from their home or travelling for work?

In that case, it can be quite difficult for you as an employer to ensure the workflow of a project or granting their payroll. Some companies depend on self-reporting, but that is too cumbersome and ineffective. You just can’t call each and every employee every day to know about their working hours to keep records. Fortunately, employee PC time software will take away all your employee attendance woes. If you want to sustain your business on the cutting edge, then you have to allure efficient employees. You must also keep the provision of them working from their convenient location and at flexible work hours too. But to tackle these diverse requirements a user-friendly time clock software should top your list of must-haves for the business.

What are the benefits the employees can enjoy?

Installation of a PC based clocking can offer your staff with a couple of benefits as well.

Anytime, anywhere

Whether your employees are working from the comfort of their home or working in another country, these attendance systems enable them to clock in and out of specific tasks and projects.

Onsite employees

You have sent a couple of your employees for onsite assignments which means they will be working in a foreign time schedule. They will be able to record their work hours by themselves without you having to intervene.

Time Saver

Your employees are work laden owing to a stressful schedule of your office. Now, at the end of each month, they have to keep their project work apart and report their hours manually. Why not relieve some burden from them? And even if they mark their hours, you can’t be sure that it is 100% accurate. It may consist of flaws or no reporting as well. Employee time clock software is convenient and enables employees to record their times quickly and seamlessly. Employees can check their own records The factor which distinguishes it from all the clocking software’s available is, it requires no software installation! As long as you are connected to the internet and have your Pc your track records are stored in the company central system. If they request for a sick leave or a vacation, they can do it themselves by utilizing the system.

What advantages does the employer enjoy?

No buddy punching

After introducing this software, no employee can clock in for someone else. You will get a foolproof and streamlined process in your company

Data view

You can easily get notified instantly about someone requesting for a shift change or a sick leave.

Payroll in time

Do you have to wait till all the employees have submitted their spreadsheets? Thanks to this software, now you have to wait for none. Payroll generation will be automated and hassle-free too. Using a software for employee attendance is mutually beneficial. When you can assure correct pay within the stipulated time, your employees are bound to feel satisfied and thus be more productive at work.
What is Black Ops and Is It Worth Playing?
Call of Duty: Black Ops is one of the numerous Call of Duty games on the market. It is a team based shooter that has a heavy focus on online play. Players take part in short online scenarios where they group up with team mates to take on an opposing team to battle against each other to complete an objective. The objective could be to be the last one standing, to control more points on the map, or to take control of a specific point. Players in Call of Duty assume different roles based on the equipment they are carrying - for example, someone who wishes to play a medic would carry a first aid kit and some lower-powered weaponry which you can find more at COD Watch. A sniper would have a sniper rifle, and a more offensively focused character might carry a large automatic weapon. Some characters are engineers that carry utility items to work with vehicles, mines or other more tactical objectives. As players gain more experience, they get upgrades for their weaponry - bigger clips of ammunition, silencers to allow them to shoot while being harder to detect, and scopes to make the weapons more accurate. Once you reach the maximum level, you can 'prestige' which puts you back at level one again, with only minor advantages, but gives you a special title. It is possible to prestige more than once, and many dedicated players have done so. There are leaderboards that allow you to keep track of the best players, and there are clan tournaments where people who play together regularly can test their skills against others who also play regularly. Call of Duty: Black Ops is an older game now, but it still has a thriving player base. What tends to happen with the Call of Duty games is that people will move on to the next one when it comes out, but there are some who stay behind on the older ones, either because their computers/consoles cannot run the latest game, or because they have friends that are still devoted to that game, and they do not want to leave them behind. The Black Ops scene is still thriving, so it is still possible to get matches. If you are looking to play a game that is popular and that is always busy, you can still expect to get good matches on Black Ops. In addition, because it is not the 'latest' game, the player base is a little more mature and level headed. This means that the culture in the game's chat is positive, mostly, and the game is fun to play. If you are thinking of allowing a minor to play, then this may be an important consideration for you. There is no need to worry about abusive players or foul language if you can find a server that has responsible admins, and a good community. Black Ops is affordable now, and it offers good value for money for the most part.