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Fortnite and Free V-Bucks: Flood of fraudulent videos and sites


With Fortnite’s success, fraud is also booming. On the net, videos, for example on YouTube, and websites with the promise of free V-Bucks, Fortnite’s in-game currency, are almost a riot. Epic has now issued a warning.


The success story of Fortnite has, and unfortunately not surprising, also called many fraudsters on the plan. Meanwhile, there is a veritable flood of videos and websites that are going to catch players with the prospect of free V-Bucks. On YouTube alone, there are supposed to be countless videos that have only one goal: to lure the player to relevant websites. Once there, they are supposed to download an app or leave their account data – then they are supposed to be transferred to them as if by magic V-Buck.


Epic answers the call

Now the developer Epic has officially warned against such scams. On Twitter, they wrote:

“Beware of scam sites that offer you free or discounted V-Bucks. The only official websites for Fortnite are and”


In the same Twitter posting, Epic refers to an account security FAQ. In it, the developers go into detail on fraud sites. “We’ve seen these pages on the web, just like you,” it says, among other things. “Click here, type in your username, possibly answer one or two questions from a survey and get as many free V-Bucks as you want. These pages aren’t real.”

how to get free v-bucks?

According to Epic, anyone who has already used such sites to maximize V-Bucks should change their password immediately. Developers also recommend that players sign up for multi-factor authentication via their email address to improve account security.


It wasn’t until early May that Epic warned of fake beta invitations in connection with the Android version of Fortnite. The invitations seemed surprisingly real, so that even youtuber and editors occasionally fell for the trick.


Epic is not alone

A lot of websites that cover the topic of Fortnite also try to help Epic by spreading awareness about the scam problem that they face at the time. Some webistesgo even so far, to make prevention programs around the V-Bucks so that the young audience can learn about the issue and at the same time win free V-Bucks without surveys or something like that.

Not only website owners, editors and authors help Epic, but also YouTubers spread the awareness.

What will come next?

We all know that Fortnite has reached its peak with over 125 million users. So the question in the room is – what will come next? Will Epic be able to produce another hit wonder or which game-dev studio will get the next big game out there? Stay tuned for more updates.

October 26, 2017

The Most Popular Version of Sonic the Hedgehog

If you are a fan of simpler games, then you will be interested in Sonic the Hedgehog. It is a game that has a very long history and has a lot of versions. However, some people say that the older versions of the game were much better. Usually, the older versions of the game are not played nowadays as much as before, mostly because there are a lot newer consoles that offer much higher quality gameplay.

SEGA Systems

Arguably the best version of the game series is the original one. The very first Sonic the Hedgehog game was probably the best one to ever come out. That is according to the feedback of many gamers. However, we can’t say with confidence which one is the best, but we can say that it was surely the most popular one.

The first original version of the Sonic made over 15 million sales in the year of 1991.

The second most popular version that came close to the first one was actually a sub-series version that was called Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games and it was released in 2007 for Wii and Nintendo DS console. That version had over 11 million sales just in the first year.

Sega systems were popular only for about 10 years after that people got interested in other platforms mostly because they have offered a different type of gaming, one that is far more advanced that SEGA provided. However, if you are a gamer that likes retro games, you definitely have a soft spot for the early SEGA platforms like the Genesis.

Mobile Game

As you know, nowadays each person has its personal smartphone. However, 20 years ago the phones were a lot different just as any other gaming console. In 2006 the Sonic game came out for mobile phones.

Even back then the phones were not considered to be smart, but surprisingly that version also gained a lot of popularity. Nowadays, there are different versions of mobile Sonic games but they are not so popular as the console games. After all, mobiles have limited capabilities and you can’t get the full Sonic experience from them.

Eight Generation Consoles

The eight generation consoles are all the consoles that were made from 2013 to present day. Those consoles are the most popular ones today and of course, there is a Sonic game for them, just check out Daily Tips. However, the newer versions don’t have nearly as much popularity as the first few ones. That is mainly because the entire gaming community has changed and people are growing up playing other types of games that seem more realistic. Only the true hardcore fans will know the feeling when you are playing a Sonic game, especially the original one of the SEGA Genesis.