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December 11, 2018

Epic Games Store – Now live, distributes free games, first developer cancelled Steam release

The new store of Epic Games is live. Users will receive a free game every two weeks. The first developer has also cancelled his Steam release in favor of Epic.

Der neue Store von Epic Games ist jetzt online und lockt mit Gratis-Spielen. Im Internet wird er dennoch eher kritisch beäugt.

The new Epic Games store is now online and offers free games. On the Internet, however, it is viewed rather critically.

Fortnite developer Epic recently announced the release of its own game store. In the meantime, it has officially been launched. At the moment it is still unclear whether he can hold a candle to Steam. But he’s working on it: There are some free games for the players in the near future and the Coffee Stain Studios (Sanctum, Goat Simulator) cancelled the release of their new game Satisfactory in favor of Epics Store on Steam.

Epic’s store is particularly company-friendly: it charges 18% less than Steam and presents no competing products to users on the game subpages. The new distribution platform also wants to gain a foothold with exclusive titles.

Subnautica and more – Get it for free!

There will be a free game every two weeks throughout next year. From 14 to 27 December Subnautica makes the start. From 28 December to 10 January follows then Super Meat Boy. Which titles will be free afterwards is not yet known.

In addition to the free games, there are some products that you will need to use the Epic Store for. For example Hades, Ashen, Hello Neighbor: Hide and Seek and Journey appear – at least for the time being – exclusively in the online store of the Fortnite makers.

First developer turns his back on Steam

The Coffee Stain Studios have meanwhile cancelled the steam release of their next game called Satisfactory. While this was previously listed as “Coming Soon” on Steam, the product page has now disappeared.

In a Youtube video, the studio’s community manager explains that this was not an accident, but deliberate. Satisfactory will only be available on the Epics platform.

The community does not take the message very positively. The corresponding video received 1819 downvotes and only 549 upvotes until now. Similarly negative opinions about Epics Store are spreading to other corners of the Internet.

Competition is good, exclusive titles are not.

At first glance, users seem to be benefiting from the Epic Games Store. Free games are always welcome and competition should always be rewarding for customers. However, Reddit users are trying to draw attention to a problem: According to them, Epic is trying to force customers to use the store.

A competition to Steam is welcomed. According to Reddit user BahamutxD, Epic is not the competition that customers want and players benefit from. This is due to exclusive titles that deprive buyers of the choice of dealer. He is not interested in developers offering their own games only in their own store, but in Epic paying other studios for the sole sales rights.

Missing Linux version causes further displeasure

Another article criticizes how the new client negatively affects Linux gaming. Hades – the new game from the developers of Bastion and Transistor – is available exclusively in the Epic Games Store, for which there is no Linux client. Therefore, in contrast to the previous projects of the team, there is no Linux version for the game from Supergiant Games this time.

Valve itself invests resources in the development of the compatibility layer Wine, which allows you to play Windows games on Linux. This will be integrated into the Steam Client in the form of Proton.

Fortnite and Free V-Bucks: Flood of fraudulent videos and sites


With Fortnite’s success, fraud is also booming. On the net, videos, for example on YouTube, and websites with the promise of free V-Bucks, Fortnite’s in-game currency, are almost a riot. Epic has now issued a warning.


The success story of Fortnite has, and unfortunately not surprising, also called many fraudsters on the plan. Meanwhile, there is a veritable flood of videos and websites that are going to catch players with the prospect of free V-Bucks. On YouTube alone, there are supposed to be countless videos that have only one goal: to lure the player to relevant websites. Once there, they are supposed to download an app or leave their account data – then they are supposed to be transferred to them as if by magic V-Buck.


Epic answers the call

Now the developer Epic has officially warned against such scams. On Twitter, they wrote:

“Beware of scam sites that offer you free or discounted V-Bucks. The only official websites for Fortnite are and”


In the same Twitter posting, Epic refers to an account security FAQ. In it, the developers go into detail on fraud sites. “We’ve seen these pages on the web, just like you,” it says, among other things. “Click here, type in your username, possibly answer one or two questions from a survey and get as many free V-Bucks as you want. These pages aren’t real.”

how to get free v-bucks?

According to Epic, anyone who has already used such sites to maximize V-Bucks should change their password immediately. Developers also recommend that players sign up for multi-factor authentication via their email address to improve account security.


It wasn’t until early May that Epic warned of fake beta invitations in connection with the Android version of Fortnite. The invitations seemed surprisingly real, so that even youtuber and editors occasionally fell for the trick.


Epic is not alone

A lot of websites that cover the topic of Fortnite also try to help Epic by spreading awareness about the scam problem that they face at the time. Some webistesgo even so far, to make prevention programs around the V-Bucks so that the young audience can learn about the issue and at the same time win free V-Bucks without surveys or something like that.

Not only website owners, editors and authors help Epic, but also YouTubers spread the awareness.

What will come next?

We all know that Fortnite has reached its peak with over 125 million users. So the question in the room is – what will come next? Will Epic be able to produce another hit wonder or which game-dev studio will get the next big game out there? Stay tuned for more updates.

July 9, 2018

Why Install Employee PC Time Clock Software

Does your company have employees who don’t turn up every day?

Do you have many employees working from their home or travelling for work?

In that case, it can be quite difficult for you as an employer to ensure the workflow of a project or granting their payroll.

Some companies depend on self-reporting, but that is too cumbersome and ineffective. You just can’t call each and every employee every day to know about their working hours to keep records.

Fortunately, employee PC time software will take away all your employee attendance woes.

If you want to sustain your business on the cutting edge, then you have to allure efficient employees. You must also keep the provision of them working from their convenient location and at flexible work hours too. But to tackle these diverse requirements a user-friendly time clock software should top your list of must-haves for the business.

What are the benefits the employees can enjoy?

Installation of a PC based clocking can offer your staff with a couple of benefits as well.

Anytime, anywhere

Whether your employees are working from the comfort of their home or working in another country, these attendance systems enable them to clock in and out of specific tasks and projects.

Onsite employees

You have sent a couple of your employees for onsite assignments which means they will be working in a foreign time schedule. They will be able to record their work hours by themselves without you having to intervene.

Time Saver

Your employees are work laden owing to a stressful schedule of your office. Now, at the end of each month, they have to keep their project work apart and report their hours manually. Why not relieve some burden from them? And even if they mark their hours, you can’t be sure that it is 100% accurate. It may consist of flaws or no reporting as well.

Employee time clock software is convenient and enables employees to record their times quickly and seamlessly.

Employees can check their own records

The factor which distinguishes it from all the clocking software’s available is, it requires no software installation! As long as you are connected to the internet and have your Pc your track records are stored in the company central system. If they request for a sick leave or a vacation, they can do it themselves by utilizing the system.

What advantages does the employer enjoy?

No buddy punching

After introducing this software, no employee can clock in for someone else. You will get a foolproof and streamlined process in your company

Data view

You can easily get notified instantly about someone requesting for a shift change or a sick leave.

Payroll in time

Do you have to wait till all the employees have submitted their spreadsheets? Thanks to this software, now you have to wait for none. Payroll generation will be automated and hassle-free too.

Using a software for employee attendance is mutually beneficial. When you can assure correct pay within the stipulated time, your employees are bound to feel satisfied and thus be more productive at work.