July 9, 2018

Why Install Employee PC Time Clock Software

Does your company have employees who don’t turn up every day?

Do you have many employees working from their home or travelling for work?

In that case, it can be quite difficult for you as an employer to ensure the workflow of a project or granting their payroll.

Some companies depend on self-reporting, but that is too cumbersome and ineffective. You just can’t call each and every employee every day to know about their working hours to keep records.

Fortunately, employee PC time software will take away all your employee attendance woes.

If you want to sustain your business on the cutting edge, then you have to allure efficient employees. You must also keep the provision of them working from their convenient location and at flexible work hours too. But to tackle these diverse requirements a user-friendly time clock software should top your list of must-haves for the business.

What are the benefits the employees can enjoy?

Installation of a PC based clocking can offer your staff with a couple of benefits as well.

Anytime, anywhere

Whether your employees are working from the comfort of their home or working in another country, these attendance systems enable them to clock in and out of specific tasks and projects.

Onsite employees

You have sent a couple of your employees for onsite assignments which means they will be working in a foreign time schedule. They will be able to record their work hours by themselves without you having to intervene.

Time Saver

Your employees are work laden owing to a stressful schedule of your office. Now, at the end of each month, they have to keep their project work apart and report their hours manually. Why not relieve some burden from them? And even if they mark their hours, you can’t be sure that it is 100% accurate. It may consist of flaws or no reporting as well.

Employee time clock software is convenient and enables employees to record their times quickly and seamlessly.

Employees can check their own records

The factor which distinguishes it from all the clocking software’s available is, it requires no software installation! As long as you are connected to the internet and have your Pc your track records are stored in the company central system. If they request for a sick leave or a vacation, they can do it themselves by utilizing the system.

What advantages does the employer enjoy?

No buddy punching

After introducing this software, no employee can clock in for someone else. You will get a foolproof and streamlined process in your company

Data view

You can easily get notified instantly about someone requesting for a shift change or a sick leave.

Payroll in time

Do you have to wait till all the employees have submitted their spreadsheets? Thanks to this software, now you have to wait for none. Payroll generation will be automated and hassle-free too.

Using a software for employee attendance is mutually beneficial. When you can assure correct pay within the stipulated time, your employees are bound to feel satisfied and thus be more productive at work.

Ruby Shipp

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